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Complete Murder Mystery Scripts & Quizzes for Fundraising,
Drama Groups or Dinner Parties, But Always for Fun!

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Murder and Mayhem


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Each Quiz comes as a Word Document with a Master sheet showing the answers, and a blank question sheet ready for you to photocopy. All you need to do is fill in the blanks on the first page - and you're ready to bamboozle everyone !


General Knowledge Quizzes £7

There are five quizzes in this section, and each contains 10 questions on each of the following subjects :

Food & Drink, Nursery Rhymes, History, Geography, Sport, Art & Literature, Science & Nature, Music and Miscellaneous (20 q's)

When ordering, please state Quiz A,B,C,D or E

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Bright Ideas £10

Also available is a little book entitled 101 Simple Fundraising Ideas, and on receipt of your payment, it can be sent either as a hard copy or an email attachment .

From Sponsored Events, sideshows and Auctions to larger events and themed evenings, this will provide the inspiration for you to make lots of money for your chosen charity !

**for every fundraising book sold, 10% will go to my chosen charity - the National Kidney Federation **


The Mega Movie Quiz £7

100 questions on the movies - including special sections on Disney, Harry Potter and James Bond films. Perfect for the movie buff !


The Great Detectives Quiz £7

100 questions on the greatest detectives ever to solve a crime - including special sections on Movie detectives, Agatha Christie, Inspector Morse, Sherlock Holmes and TV detectives.