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Complete Murder Mystery Scripts & Quizzes for Fundraising,
Drama Groups or Dinner Parties, But Always for Fun!

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Murder and Mayhem

How to Order

What do you get for your money?

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Each Murder Mystery script costs £ 75 and comes complete with the following :

  1. Script
  2. Background notes such as Events so far, Plot Summaries, Character Notes for actors, etc
  3. Template voting form
  4. Winner's Certificate
  5. Sample Press Release
  6. Handy Hints and checklists for your Murder Mystery Evening
  7. For Passion & Panto, a panto programme will also be included

Each Quiz costs £ 7 and comes as a Word Document with a Master sheet showing the answers, and a blank question sheet ready for you to photocopy or print.

All you need to do is fill in the blanks on the first page - and you're ready to bamboozle !

Each Fundraising Book costs £10 and comes complete with Appendices of useful addresses and organisations.

They can all be sent to you either by email so you can print off as many copies as you require !

Postage is included in the price

They'll be sent as soon as your payment has processed.

Use the link below to get in touch for more details :